Monday, 10 June 2013

Postive news...being present & connecting with Capoeira

I adore reading this publication. It fills my head with exciting such possibilities for the future. These were the highlights for me.....

THE BENEFIT OF BEING PRESENT...or living mindfully everyday. Apparently Google offers its workers a course called ' Search Inside Yourself' which is designed to teach them practical meditation that can be used in their daily lives.  It goes on about developing awareness of self & others transforming lives. Part of the article was about a guy called Jon Kabat-Zinn who sounded amazing & had to find out more...

I'm new to meditation and I found this introduction to Mindfulness Meditation with Jon really helpful. This is an excerpt from a much longer video that I believe took place at Google in 2011 and its fabulous if you have time to watch it.

DANCE OF HOPE for child refugees in the Middle East. Again so enlightening...using Capoeira (combines dance, music, sport & play) to help children grwing up in refugee camps build a sense of community and belonging . And give them space to talk about any issues they may be facing such as aggression or anger. At the end of the article there are quotes from children whose lives had had a positive impact from Bidna Capoera. The video is really thought provoking but oh so hopeful.

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